QA engineer question

Hello can somebody explain me the QA and what qualifications is needed there?
Thank you and have a good time Coders

The primary job of a QA engineer is to write tests or scripts that ensure that the application “behaves as designed”. These are usually integration tests as developers should be writing unit tests themselves. Some of the tasks you may be expected to perform:

  • Manual testing of an application
  • Writing scripts to test application behavior such as: logging in as a user
  • Building context-specific tests in an automation framework such as Selenium, Phantom.js, or Robot Framework

It is incredibly helpful as a QA to have some programming experience. Immature QA organizations are extremely manual and any processes you can automate will almost immediately deliver value. Mature QA organizations have either an open-source or homegrown automation platform for testing, usually written in an accessible language such as Javascript, Ruby, or Python.

Some tools that will be helpful to have a working knowledge of:

  • One or more of the following programming languages
    – Ruby
    – Python
    – Javascript


  • basic Unix shell scripting (bash/zsh/etc)
  • curl (the Swiss army knife of Unix web requests)
  • jq (the Swiss army knife of Unix JSON parsing)


  • Powershell
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