QA Portfolio Feedback

I need your feedback for my Portfolio


@MahmoudAFawzy, good job putting together your portfolio. I know it can be challenging.

  • I like the pink color of the header and footer. It really stands out, but I don’t think the others colors in the page complement it well.
  • The header does take a lot of space. It would be a better user experience if the header was hidden while scrolling down, so more content is visible.
  • You mention 4 different roles, I would only mention 1 role, maybe 2 (e.g. Web Developer). Otherwise, your audience doesn’t know what you specialize in and what role you are looking for.
  • Make the images of your projects into links.
  • Include more information about each project. What were the challenges? What did you learn? What could you have done better? What was your process?

Finally, if you want a really awesome portfolio. Take a look at other developers’ portfolio and integrate features you like into your own. Inspect their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to learn how they built some cool functionality. Here’s a place to get started:

Feel free to mention me if you want me to take a look at anything else.

I like it
it’s cool but what about some actions (with css transform) when hover to your project images ?
good job and keep going.

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  • for the case of the other colors in the page I was just mimicking a design that I saw I really don’t have much information about colors but if you have suggestions tell me.

  • the 4 roles are because I’m working as a QA but I wanted to know more about web so I started this website and I want to finish it.

  • I will try to do the rest of your comments and feel free to check it again any time

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@AhmadAbdulkhaliq I will try to do your comments as soon as I find some time to work on them