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I created the routes, the functional tests are passing but posting to /api/books/{_id} check is failing and I cannot see the reason as I tested that the requirements are met . How can I see what’s the reason to not to pass this check?

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Welcome there,

I vaguely recall a test not working well with .status() responses. That is, could you try removing it in:

res.status(400).json('missing required field comment')

Hope this helps

Thank you for your answer, Sky020. Sadly, removing it has no effect and the test still fails without reason.

Thanks, for trying.

Although, I can see that the only test failing has this error:

Error: expected [ 'This book is fab!' ] to have a length of 2 but got 1

Also, to mention, it would be best to return out of the callback, if there is an error in any of your CRUD:

if (error) console.log(":: ERROR: ", error)

EDIT: To add to why the test is not passing, here is a hint: Have a look at the options available for findOneAndUpdate.

I’ll check that. Thank you so much, Sky020 !

Thank you so much! Finally, the error was that I was missing the “new: true” in params (Mongoose) for findOneAndUpdate method.

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