QA Projects: Asserstion Error from Chai Test

I am on the 2nd QA Projects. I’ve finished all the coding and tests. When I test without the env file NODE_TEST it doesn’t show any errors. However, when I run it with the NODE_TEST env file, the console shows this error:

showDiff: true,
** actual: { result: ‘successfully updated’, _id: ‘614a36f7f4e81900c84ca7df’ },**
** expected: { result: ‘successfully updated’, _id: ‘614a36f7f4e81900c84ca7df’ }**

To me, everything looks the same. I used strictEqual. When I put the link on FreeCode camp to pass this test, I get an error in this very same part too. I assume it is the same error I am getting on my own.

Can you help me? I can get you access to my project on Reptl if you send me your email address in private.

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