QA projects Metric Imperial Converter

Hey Guys;
I am about to dive into the final projects from the QA section - but noticed the first two ‘tests’ seem to be asking us to install helmet - (I randomly starting working ahead into the security section when I was stuck).
But essentially, am I missing something, or are the first two questions(solved by installing helmet which wasn’t covered in the course yet) misplaced?
For anyone who hasn’t looked ahead, they would have no idea about those concepts yet, so seems odd to have them in the tests.

Hello there,

This is a known issue, and the current plan is to remove those tests:

This was caused by the reshuffling of the curriculum, when the Python content was introduced.

Either, go ahead and learn the Information Security with Helmetjs section of the course, before tackling these projects. Or, complete the projects without the helmet related content, and the tests will be updated eventually.

Hope this helps