QAOps for Web Applications

What is QAOps? Why it matters for the web applications?

It’s a buzzword seemingly invented at some point this year. It refers to making QA (Quality Assurance, checking stuff works to a specified quality) less isolated, that the procedures should be integrated into deployment pipelines rather than being something done as an afterthought. A lot of the time, teams work on software and then hand it off to QA people to check rather than QA being something that’s integrated in at a root level. It doesn’t mean very much, and it defninitely doesn’t mean much at all outside of large teams with QA support in large organisations. It’s to do with workflows and procedures in large organisations. QA is important, it would be great if QA people were given more recognition and had a more central role, it would be great if there were more standard QA procedures, doesn’t need a buzzword though, that seems to be more so that people can stand up at conferences and talk about it, or write books on it, or charge consultancy fees to implement it.

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