Qn The next generation modern computer machine quantum computing programming language

Hi fellas I am fr33 you might know me from FCC gitter or my own overly worded intro at FCC Forums xD fr33

I started making a whole new programming language it is at github. All began when I took a white space quadratic paper and wrote so many things I even couldn’t get it lol but then I sat down in from of a machine and started yesterday to write the actual paper which is in github:

qn The next generation modern computer machine quantum computing programming language.

I am posting it here because I believe FCC has the energy and social power of hungry developers to help me built this new programming language, the more individuals get into this the more near will be to the new era of Quantum Computer Machines, that’s the next step which I already plan how to do it too, but first we need to start small and what more than a programming language to let these new machines communicate. Obviously we need a compiler first for the computer machines of present day, one that takes the data from the processor and put it in to memory ready qn programming language data structure.

I Put Qn on Github to distribute the source code of the programming language to the developer community so they can help me build it. By using a plug-in or an application program interface interface of some sort to make it have features of other already proven and well used computer programming languages, so Qn be based by many well used and already proven practices so it become the best or one of the best easy to use programming language. Hence beginners and experts would be able to learn how to program computer machines to develop all sort of application and programs to do any and many sort of things to solve x or y, this or that problem and the language itself serves as a tool to construct software of any kind…

Pleas All sort of developers help me help you help the world for the next generations have a better future…

lol I mean c’mon this is the most fun thing I come with and I want everyone to know about it so we together as a community united make history once more like the old Computer Scientist and Programmers, Software Engineers, Analyst etc all sciences and what not shall be involved so help me people to make this a movement to the quantum era from the developer and the consumer perspective. I will keep the qn repository updated as I can, because this project is the first one I actually make as a Computer Scientist I want to solve problems, small ones first and then big ones so the world becomes a better place and I know together we can as a community.
I called for help at [FCC Gitter] and Akash Kumar Verma replied to me in within seconds, he is already involved I want as many people to get involved so we make history together, we start small like all great individuals of the past era and this era too, lets all become what we must and do what we must to make the next big thing,
with the Celestial Blessing of Our Father, thy God
AMEN! :wink:

PS: Lets all keep in contact so we work in collaboration and in a consistent matter as possible :slight_smile:

List of Collaborative Developers:

Peace :slight_smile:

The fr33 coder :slight_smile: