Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Not able to run tests

Hi All, I’m busy with the course “Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai”. I used Replit to complete the assignment. In Replit all tests run fine, but when I enter the replit link in the “Solution link” field it doesn’t work (see screenshot).

This is the replit link:
boilerplate-mochachai-test - Replit

If this doesn’t work, is there another way to publish my results?

Thanks in advance.

You need to submit the link which you find in the highlighted box (this one is from a project I’m currently working on). That’s where you find the link to your live repl. The link you submitted is to your code, which is useful for sharing your code with other people but doesn’t work for testing your project on FCC.

Hi Igor, thanks a lot. It works :smiley:
The first two times I got a time out, but then it worked fine.

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