Quality Assurance and Testing With Chai

Can any body explain me what is suite function do in test and this associated with which library or framework
Thank you in advance

suite('Functional Test',()=>{

    test("#example Test GET /api/books " ,(done)=>{

                assert.isArray(res.body,"response should be an array");
                assert.property(res.body[0],"comment","Books in array should contain comment which is counts of comments")
                assert.property(res.body[0],"name","Books in array should contain name")
                assert.property(res.body[0],"_id","Books in array should contain _id")
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The library is called chai.

Suite is a function that just wraps around number of test functions to describe them all together.

Hey Phillip do you have doc about suite where I can get a deep understanding of these function because I did not find in chai official doc and thanks for the reply.

Looks like suite is party of Mocha actually and it is interchangable with describe function.

You can find more info on this article.