Quality Assurance Certification - hard bug

Hello freecodecamp,
please take note that i was able to use the predefined Glitch templates to finish the 5 tests.
I had not to write a single line of code.

I right now feel very uncomfortable and wait for a feedback. I am not a cheater, but cant do more than report this bug at the moment.

Best regards

Hello there,

I am unsure of which 5 tests you are referring to, but we are aware of many backend projects which still need tests to be written for: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/37185

Hope this clarifies.

Hello Sky020,

Okay that will be the issue.

I personally could say to myself that i mastered it, due to the issue that I used “Google - Firebase” for the 5 APIS & MICROSERVICE tests, which should strongly equal the advanced backend part due to the time I invested in it and the fact, that the Curriculum gave me the power to handle unknown territories like GOOGLE-FIREBASE.

If I would not had done it that way, I would feel ashamed much harder than I now do.
But I still feel really bad :frowning:

submit again the completed projects and everything will be fine