Quality Assurance Course

I am a bit confused. I just started the QA course (I mean, I tried to start) and the first thing that it is showing up is a project/question?!?
I don’t know know what is " assert.isNull()" or “assert.isNotNull()” mean. Also, I would love, to learn how to use GitHub but I also have no clue. I didn’t select the “Get a hint” because it won’t help me at all since I have no knowledge.
Did I miss anything? Is there another QA course that I should learn before starting this one?

If you are not familiar with basic JavaScript you should probably learn that first. Same for GitHub, there are tutorials out there on how to use it.

Hello there,

By this point in the curriculum, most of what you will be learning to complete the challenges and projects will be off of your own research. However, this section is not too different to the APIs and Microservices section - a large portion of the content is within the boilerplate where you complete the project.

If you still feel confused about anything, be sure to try the Read-Search-Ask method.

I hope this clarifies.

Thanks, I did only the Responsive Web Design. I didn’t know that I should have done the other ones before starting this one.

Thanks for the heads up! I am starting JavaScript this week but didn’t know that both were related.

The Learn map is displayed in a specific order to let users know the recommended path to take. Unless you have already gone through the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section or an equivalent somewhere else, it would not be recommended to try to work through the Quality Assurance section challenges.

Hi Randell, yes. I finished the Responsive Web Design and wanted to go straight to QA. Just started the Java.

note that Java and JavaScript are really different languages, try to not confuse the two, it can get really confusing