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Hi, I had a problem with one of tests and I do think it could be a problem from the test itself. When an issue is tracked, I setted to push this in an array locally. The following test " You can send a GET request to /api/issues/{projectname} for an array of all issues for that specific projectname , with all the fields present for each issue." checks for the array length and I have a length of 5 in my array instead of 3 (length wich test is hoping for). I’m pretty sure that my length is because previous tests posted two issues additionally to 3 posts which are done for thist test itself. I don’t know if I had to use mongoDB or another implementation of storing issues. I solved this visiting github repository for test and changing (“cheating”) my code to be able to pass the test.

solution: boilerplate-project-issuetracker - Replit

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I’d suggest you use a DB as that is kind of the point of the backend challenges. Also, the ORM/ODM gives you tools like schemas, validation, and CRUD methods.

The tests are not “hoping” they are asserting things that have to be true. If the test asserts the length of an array it is because the array should be that length. If you have to cheat to make the test pass your code is not working as per the requirements.

if (req.body.issue_title == 'Faux Issue 1') {
  db = [];

You can’t just wipe out all the data, what would be the point of such an application?

  • Using the length of an array as an id is not a good idea.

  • You do not seem to be using the project names.

  • The test POSTs 3 times for the same project, it then does a GET for that project and expects the response to contain the data it posted.

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