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Tests are not valid:
Error: Cannot find module ‘./lib/http’
Require stack:

  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/node_modules/chai-http/index.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/tests/2_functional-tests.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/node_modules/mocha/lib/mocha.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/node_modules/mocha/index.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/test-runner.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/routes/fcctesting.js
  • /home/runner/boilerplate-project-issuetracker/server.js

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solution: boilerplate-project-issuetracker - Replit

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Challenge: Quality Assurance Projects - Issue Tracker

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I typed “npm i npm@latest” and “npm i ./lib/http@latest” in shell, not work, does my code need ‘./lib/http’ module? thanks advance for anybody’s help!

it seems to be a problem related to the chai-http module.

npm install chai-http

Thanks for your reply, In package.json “chai-http”: “^4.3.0” was already installed.

you can try deleting your ‘node_modules’ directory and install them agen

rm -rf node_modules
npm install

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Amazing! the test function has restored, thank you so much!

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