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You can send a PUT request to /api/issues/{projectname} with an _id and one or more fields to update. On success, the updated_on field should be updated, and returned should be { result: 'successfully updated', '_id': _id } .

I keep failing this test even though the issue’s “updated_on” field is updated everytime I make a put request.

[Error: expected 1706416571213 to be above 1706416571213]
like what does this even mean?
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solution: https://69b6bf31-59f7-436e-bc2a-3a912ce220ea-00-35213qcb1s71y.riker.replit.dev

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Quality Assurance Projects - Issue Tracker

The issue was in the get request itself. I forgot that you can filter the issues based on _id. Oopsie!!
let updateObject = {
—> _id: req.query._id,
issue_title: req.query.issue_title,
issue_text: req.query.issue_text,
created_by: req.query.created_by,
assigned_to: req.query.assigned_to,
status_text: req.query.status_text,
open: req.query.open === “true”,
new Date(req.query.created_on).toString() === “Invalid Date”
? undefined
: new Date(req.query.created_on),
new Date(req.query.updated_on).toString() === “Invalid Date”
? undefined
: new Date(req.query.updated_on),