Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter - Missing Implementation of Tests inside `metric-imperial-converter.english.md`

As of today, it seems that only 4 out of 13 of the tests for this project have been implemented… https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/commit/81479ffd40251584b368d1b87dc089b6b9288955#diff-40bcd8c9d801a2a7814de509807dfa2d

The first two tests look like a legacy from when the certification used to be called Information Security and Quality Assurance, instead of just Quality Assurance. However, the subsequent ones are definitely related and necessary in order to validate an actual working project.

At first, I wondered if the tests were once there, but by mistake were lost in the new curriculum release when the python certifications were added. I tried to check the commit history, but I couldn’t find any commit from before May 27th when python video challenges were added: e776529ed0af35907e46ce09f10231503f284d6b

Looking more deeply into all the changes in the commit above, using crtl + f and searching for metric-imperial-converter.english , I see that the file metric-imperial-converter.english.md was renamed without changes. In other words, the only change was in its path, meaning that .../information-security-and-quality-assurance-projects/metric-imperial-converter.english.md was now called .../quality-assurance-projects/metric-imperial-converter.english.md.

Is there any way that previous history can be retrieved? Or does anyone know if those tests used to be implemented at all? How can we go about having those tests implemented in metric-imperial-converter.english.md ?

Apparently, this is part of a much bigger and known issue…

In fact, the vast majority of backend projects do not have tests implemented:

I would love to help with the effort of adding tests to them. However, I must admit that even after having gone through the quality assurance exercises and many other courses on testing, I don’t fully understand how FCC runs its tests… The format itself for how tests are written and called looks very unfamiliar.

Does anyone know of any resources on how to get started with using this format?