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I have been struggling with this since yesterday and it’s driving me nuts. All the user stories are fulfilled besides passing functional tests. However, I wrote tests for all required fields and they are all passing. Problem is, I couldn’t pass the challenge. Help is much appreciated.

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Challenge: Personal Library

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Hello Can,

Can you share your project’s repl url for the running instance instead of the the project code itself.

This is so I can test why you are not passing the test directly instead of forking the project, and providing my own db credentials and such.

Anyway I went ahead and forked the repl project to my own repl account.

So when I run the tests with my own db credentials it passed.

Do you have a .env file that looks like the picture I have attached? Because that was the only thing I have added to your project:

Thanks for the quick answer and checking it on.

Yes, it is exactly same. Well, since it most likely is due do that file, I’ll check the db link.

It passed. I don’t know what was the problem but it passed finally.

Thanks for helping.

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