Quality Assurance solution checking is bugged

The spirit of the curriculum is to complete the challenges, one-by-one, then provide a link to said challenge being completed and having that be checked. Instead, the solution checking checks that ALL challenges are completed, before the specific singular challenge is checked. So even when you correctly answer the prompt you never pass the solution check and are stuck on that challenge without approval.
This should be removed. You are prompted for a specific solution but expected to complete all challenges from the get go before being able to get past the first prompt. it defeats the step-by-step learning and design.

e.g. Challenge 1: java assertions. Go to the test, and correct only part 1 of unit test 1, so that assertions are for isNull or isNotNull only.
I open the test in replit. I go to unit test 1, part 1 about null assertions, make the correct changes and run my code. The specific tests pass.
I take the live link of the site, not my replit IDE, and post it to the solution checker.
The solution checker checks that all tests (not just part 1 of unit test 1) have passed. This fails because those were left as is, designated by the prompt.
It then checks that each assertion in part 1 of unit test 1 is correct.
These assertion checks pass.
The answer is deemed incorrect.
The answer is not accepted, you cannot move on to the next challenge.

Can you provide a link to your code? I could have sworn that when I was working on those challenges last week only the assertions being tested were actually tested.

Something funky is definitely going on. Last night, when I ran these I had to comment out all of the test suites except the basic assertion and unit test suite and all of its assertions except the null ones to get it to work.
I wake up this morning, see your notification and run it again without commenting everything out and its working as it should.
I ran multiple tests with variations, and accounting for typos, caching, whether the site is live or not before posting here. Now I feel like I should have gotten screenshots.

My code is below and I’ve left the site live. I made no changes to it from testing but the code that was failing last night due to the bug above is working this morning. Unless someone ninja’d in a fix my concern now is why this is inconsistent in its behavior.

The link sharing is being weird so I’ve posted the unit test suite in question below:

  suite('Basic Assertions', function () {
    // #1
    test('#isNull, #isNotNull', function () {
      assert.isNull(null, 'This is an optional error description - e.g. null is null');
      assert.isNotNull(1, '1 is not null');
    // #2
    test('#isDefined, #isUndefined', function () {
      assert.fail(null, 'null is not undefined');
      assert.fail(undefined, 'undefined IS undefined');
      assert.fail('hello', 'A string is not undefined');
    // #3
    test('#isOk, #isNotOk', function () {
      assert.fail(null, 'null is falsey');
      assert.fail("I'm truthy", 'A string is truthy');
      assert.fail(true, 'true is truthy');
    // #4
    test('#isTrue, #isNotTrue', function () {
      assert.fail(true, 'true is true');
      assert.fail(!!'double negation', 'Double negation of a truthy value is true');
      assert.fail({ value: 'truthy' }, 'Objects are truthy, but are not boolean values');



Repl can be delicate. I have had it work and not work within a 60 second span. I have had the best luck by clicking run and giving the server 15 seconds or so to make sure it is really running before submitting my live link.


I’ve always had issues with replit, answers that didn´t work but after 10-15 min would work. I restarted the browser, refreshed the page, run and stop replit and none of those things worked. I never managed to know why wouldn´t my exercise pass the test and after a few minutes it would magically pass.

Fortunately I finished that endless section. I should cloned that repo in my computer and deploy it in Heroku but I was being stubborn. :sweat:

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Thank you both for the affirmations and suggestions for workarounds. I was not aware replit had consistency issues since I was only seeing the failing output back in freecodecamp’s website.
I will try possibly working from heroku, I really didnt want to stand up a server of any kind for this either but I am even less inclined to work with race conditions of any sort.

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