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I think there should be an option to go to next exercise if you have already completed the exercises. I am going back through exercises/sections in the JavaScript course because I am struggling to complete the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section. Instead of having to complete the exercise or clicking the freeCodeCamp link at the top of the page and then clicking on the curriculum and selecting the next exercise; it would be much easier to click a button within that exercise that allows you to go to the next one and the previous. I imagine I am not the only that has had to go back through some of the material for review and experienced the frustration of having to go through multiple clicks or complete the exercise to continue reviewing.

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You can suggest this on our GitHub, though I’m not sure that the effort would be worth the payout in this case.

if you switch on shortcuts in the settings you can press n to go to next challenge and p to go to previous challenge. (You may need to press Esc before if it doesn’t work immediately)


Thank you, this is very helpful.

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