Question About Certifications

Hello, everyone. I have a newbie question. I am currently working as a librarian at a university and make a very good income. I want to continue doing that, but I am looking to update and upgrade my skills to be more marketable. I am wanting to get certifications to do some basic website design to start with and then just continue going from there. What certifications do I need to get to do basic website design?


Responsive web design would probably work.

if you want to get into coding, go with javascript algorithms as well

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I feel like a solid portfolio might be better than certifications. Maybe I’m wrong.

Edit: Or maybe I’m not understanding the question. Are you looking to market yourself with a certification? Or are you asking what certification, upon completion, gives the knowledge to market your new skill?

I agree with @ArielLeslie.

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I suggest looking at the projects sections of the curriculum page. If you want to be able to build things like those projects, do the curriculum up through that point.


What would a solid portfolio look like? I am not looking at wanting to do website design full time, but transition into a job as a librarian that requires website design.

I think this one is pretty good.

In your case maybe think about a project that helps you with your job as a librarian, or helps customers of a library. Create a library landing page or copy one you like. Maybe create some kind of database for something the library holds. If the library has events then a way to highlight events or make them easy to find.

Many projects may never really be done and you might find features on other websites that you want to use in your own.