Question about donation

i have already donated.
how can i see how much i have donated?
where is it displayed in my profile?


I don’t believe that the amount that you have donated to FCC shows up in your profile.

i have already donated too.
in FCC settings I have “my donations -> private”
I would like to know how much i have donated. It has to be possible, I think

I believe that if you set “My Donations” to public then your profile will show that you donate, but I don’t think it will show the total amount that you have donated. Because FCC is a nonprofit, if you donated in 2018 then you should have received tax documents indicating how much you donated that year.


hello :slight_smile: I am very upset because I have donated once and no information about it was shown in my profile… then I have donated 2nd time and have the same result… Could you tell me “why there is no information in my profile about my donations”? :slight_smile: Thank you!

I think that the only donations that FCC can automatically detect and associate with your account are the ones made via Stripe.

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… I tried to make donation 3rd time via STRIPE but there is no Ukraine in list of countries… So I can’t use it… Very pity… :frowning:

If it’s important to you to have a donation status on your account, you could try emailing I can’t guarantee that they can do anything about it though.

Regardless, thank you for helping to support our community.

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I have tried to email!

I will wait for their answer! :slight_smile:
Thank you ! :handshake: