Question about earning points

1)can we only earn points through challenges or is it possible to earn them whilst completing different certifications in the curriculum like responsive web design and stuff like that…
2) I began learning in the responsive web design certification, and whenever I completed a task and pressed the run the tests button, nothing happened, even if what I did was right, is there a problem or not?

I’m not entirely sure how they work anymore or if FCC is even still using the “points” system. In the olden days, you got a point for completing a challenge and more points for completing a project. There were also other things that gave you points, like when somoene thanked you for helping them in the chat room.

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When you press the ‘run tests’ button, does the button change colors (from the initial grey to yellow to eventually green or red, depends on you passed all the tests or not)?

Or literally nothing at all happened?

Can you provide a screenshot after the ‘Run test’ is pressed?

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thank u so much there is no need, when I changed the browser it worked :slight_smile:

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