Question about how i know i KNOW

A little context…I’m nearing the end of the responsive web design section.

My thing is i understand what the question is asking me to do. And i do it. I understand i think, partially because the wording but im worried that in real application thats now how I’m gonna be working.

Like if i worked for a company i doubt someone is going to be giving me commands like… “Within the your image-wrapper element do xyz”…

I know what to do because the instructions usually are very clear what it wants done. What do i do to learn how to do it without the instructions? I feel freecodecamp is helping me learn in a way. Im just not sure how it will translate to the wrkforce. just worried that if i were to look for a job down the line, I wouldnt know how to actually do the job because im like conditioned to do certain task and only know how to do it if i being told in a certain way… Please tell me if im wrong. And if im not, what can i do? videos? text? any recommendations please.

Thank you!

The main way these lessons are going to stick with you is by practicing them. Note that there is no way you are going to remember all of this. Theres just no way, there is so much information and things change from time to time. So dont get discouraged if you feel like you need to look something up to see how its done. I look things up all the time when I am working to remind myself. After you finish the responsive section you can take that knowledge and try building something. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be the home page of an imaginary restaurant or something. Just something to get you practicing. You also will get practice with the final project of the responsive section. the guidelines of what needed are given to you, but its up to you to be able to come up with all the code on your own. Thats the biggest way you are going to learn in my opinion. Challenges are great, but you need to put what you learned in those challenges to use


hey ty very much for that response. I got through the responsive web design section and realized i had learned alot, i realized i had absorbed some info… even if i dont understand it 100%, I know enough to know what questions to ask into google/chatgpt.

BUT …the funny thing is, I didnt realize until i started javascript. I’m like a third of the way thru javascript rn and im realizing how lost i am rn… compared to how easily i blew thru responsive web design.

Like alot of the times i have to reread the question for javascript because i just dont know wtf its even asking me to do or worse when the information its trying to teach… i just dont even know what its telling me sometimes.

So here I am … its telling me information that i have no idea what its telling me and then i have a question that i also dont even know what its asking me to do… It makes me feel real dumb lmao.

I never had that problem in responsive web design and it made me realize i understand more than i believed i did.

Javascript section has me lost. I’m trying to get thru it. Its more like a conventional method of learning. yes u are putting in code but its like a mini lecture for each subject and just an example… whereas the responsive web design each lesson was a piece of the puzzle and at the end you get a picture. You build the project while u learn.

Anyways what im saying is even tho i didnt know i knew, I was learning during the responsive web design part. In javascript i dont think thats the case lol. or maybe not as much. I dunno.

But yea, I appreciate the response. I’m gonna keep at it and see where it takes me. Thanks!

Just keep practicing! That’s the best thing you can do to make sure you are learning. Javascript is harder than html and css, and its something a lot of experience coders have problems with as well. It will take more time for you to get a grasp on javascript compared to html and css. The important thing is you keep practicing/trying and ask questions when you get stuck. A lot of people like to spend several hours trying to get the solution themselves, but thats just time wasted. If you have attempted a challenge 3 times and are not able to figure it out then ask a question. There are plenty of experienced developers on here who will help out

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freeCodeCamp will introduce you to concepts and ideas. It can take time for those things to sink in :confused:

Its normal to feel lost when learning something new.

I’m currently doing the JavaScript course also, its a very different style of learning.
Each step is an isolated piece of the puzzle. The problem is, you cant put them together until you have a handful.

As Cody_Biggs said above, dont spend to long trying to find the solution yourself.

I don’t think your expected to know the answers, only to try.
Later you will look back and realise you have been learning, just like you did with web development :smiley:

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