Question about How to practice and reinforcement of knowledge

Hey, what’s up? I want to ask you if you know any way to practice what you learn at freecodecamp. Because I go for the ES6 lessons and there are concepts that I would like to reinforce by practicing. Like the problems that make you solve in the challenges of Basic JavaScript.
Things like arrow functions, destruction, and everything in general. Or is that those challenges are but later in the same lessons of ES6. If so, I apologize for the inconvenience, but otherwise, I would appreciate a recommendation some way or site to practice and strengthen my knowledge.

The site that I like to use to brush up on my skills is They have a cool level progression where there’s exercises that cater to your proficiency level. Been doing some challenges on there for awhile, and can say that it really has helped solidify my problem solving skills along with practice use of different methods that I come across.

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