Question about JavaScript curriculum!

Hello, i just finished the JavaScript Basics, but i noticed that through the curriculum there’s no mention of any DOM Manipulation, Event Handling, Animations or validation and it’s mainly around logic in JavaScript.
So my question is that is it because no one is using JavaScript for this stuff anymore and everybody is counting on libraries like jQuery?
I just need to know so i know what to learn!

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The JavaScript curriculum is just JavaScript with no interaction with html elements, you will get to DOM manipulation in the front end libraries certificate, where it is taught with libraries, yes

jQuery is JavaScript, though jQuery is actually less and less widely used these days. For big single-page apps, DOM manipulation is usually done through declarative libraries/frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, or Ember (of these, fCC focuses on React). However, document.querySelector and its cousins are still widely used for more traditional websites or projects that don’t want to rely on one of those libraries.

Well that’s what i noticed, but i mean, is it not important to learn this stuff using JavaScript anymore?

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If you are new to all of that ,as I am myself, I would definitely suggest you learn the basic foundation information first before you move on to a framework or library because the better you know the basics the better you will understand the more complicated stuff. In other words before you want to manipulate the DOM using a library of framework , first learn to do it using the vanilla javascript way. When you understand how to do that better then progress to a framework or library. - w3schools are a great source to learn about the DOM.

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That is not true.

Not every dev uses libraries. Certain platforms will require that you can’t use libraries.

By learning the basics, you can trouble shoot problems that a library maybe causing.

Don’t limit yourself by skipping this.