Question about larger and smaller image in CSS

So i passed this challenge, but im wondering if it really has to be called as larger-image or smaller-image? Can we call it however we wish? Like bigger-image or big-image, smaller-image or small-image? large-image or tinny-image? Im just curious. Thanks.

In your own code, sure. It has to be exact in the exercise for the test to detect a correct solution.

hey guys am having trouble with the image sizing…please help,thanx!

kindly share your problem

What name an image or div is given really only depends on if you are utilizing, whether it be your own custom CSS, or library code certain classes or ID’s in CSS.

For example, if you are using Bootstrap the more common image classes include: .img-rounded, .img-circle, .img-thumbnail. (More info here:

First thing to note is if you don’t have Bootstrap loaded, obviously something like img-circle will have no effect Cinque Terre. That is the image will still come out the default shape/size of the image.

However if you are using either a library or custom CSS it is important to note that these class/id names are then type specific. I.e. “img-circle” will give you the result you want-- A circle version of the image-- but something like “image-circle”, “img-circles”, “circle”.

Also important to note though that CSS class/ID names are generally case ‘insensitive’-- Thus something like “IMG-CIRCLE” or even “ImG-CiRcLe” should work-- But when setting up div class/ID tags in the actual HTML the names you specify are case sensitive. I.e.


Keep in mind you can always size images directly in the HTML with the width/height tags.

The gist of all this is both the case and the name given to a class/id for an image is entirely dependent on the context you are working in as to whether it matters.