Question about moving columns with div's in bootstrap

Hello, i have made two columns, in first one is the table and in second one some text. How do i move text a bit right away from table or just to center under the title?
This is my code:

This is how it looks like right now on browser but i’d like to move “Some text goes here” eighter to center or to the right away from table.

Screenshots? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How about

just posting the code

I have some problems in uploading pictures it seems like, i dont know why.

To answer the question, probably do it in CSS. What is your CSS?
Start here:

What i want is, my table is in column of div’s class=“row” same with “Some text goes here” but i want to move the column where text is a bit right or to center.

Look at W3schools. That should have the answer you want.

This one help you…div inside div