Question about Product Landing Page Project

Is it okay to make a product landing page for a site that sells website and web app development services, where the “products” are the completed websites and web apps? Just asking to make sure.


The sixth user story says to embed a video. What do I do if I don’t have one to embed, though? I also don’t know what kind of video to make if I try to make one.

as you are not going to do this for profit, it is just a sample page, you could find something in youtube that you could use.

Okay. I’ll see what I can find. Thanks for the reply.

This is what I have now: . I tried making the header position fixed but that makes it cover up part of the content. How do I fix that?

Note: I don’t just mean it covers up part of the content when scrolling (that’s expected); I mean it covers up some of the stuff that should be right below it even before you start scrolling.

I’m trying to do user story #12. My code: . It doesn’t pass the test for that user story on the test suite. What did I do wrong? All of the other tests pass now. Only that one isn’t passing. Someone please help. Thanks.

When a test fails you can click on the red button to see the failing test case with an explanation of why it is failing.
In this case the failing test case says;
The #email element's name attribute should have a value of "email" : expected 'Email' to equal 'email'

Yeah, I forgot to check that again so thanks. Now all tests pass.