Question About Projects

Hello, I’m up to the project in RWD where I have to create a Technical Documentation Page. Only thing is, I’m not familiar with Technical Documentations. Do I have to write my own material? For the subject of it, I mean. I know I have to write my own code, I just have no idea what to write about to fill the page. If I do have to write my own material, would anyone be able to give me suggestions?

You have to write your own page. But it can be about literally anything. And you can get the information anywhere so long as you cite it. So make the page about bunnies if you like bunnies

If you scroll down the demo project of the Technical Documentation Page to the bottom, you can find the notice saying that all the documentation is taken from MDN. MDN is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so you can copy their content and adapt it to your project as long as you give appropriate credit.

For example, it should be ok to take the explanation text from MDN and give it your own HTML markup and CSS style to meet the requirements in the user stories. I think the demo project is built in a similar way.

Oh ok, thank you both very much!