Question about python installation

Hi am beginner in python and new in this forum.I paste this code in python exe:

# cd /usr/local/ 
# wget 
# tar –zxvf Python-2.5.1.tgz 
# mv Python-2.5.1 Python25 
# cd Python25
# ./configure –-prefix=/usr/local/Python25 
# make && make install 
# pwd /usr/local/Python25

it displays the message:

File <stdin>,line 4
syntax error:invalid syntax

what is going on?
Thanks for your advice

Welcome, alex.

Out of curiosity, why are you using Python 2.5.1?

Also, could you please clarify where you are pasting the above code? If it is in a Python script, then none of it will run, as it is commented out.

Hi and thanks for your reply.I am an undergraduate student in multimedia design and I decided to use python because from what I have read,it is the most easy-to-learn language.I have attended a java-programming introduction,on how to design multimedia graphics.Sorry for my english.Im not native speaker of englisg language.I will try that you said about my question and then I will let you know about the result in my pc

What Sky020 meant, is why are you using the 2.5.1 version? That is a very old version of Python that is no longer supported.

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