Question about RPG in the new curriculum

i LOVE fcc! It’s unique & its idea is amazing. I’m on step 138 of the RPG project. It makes me write the same object I wrote 15 times before, now with different strings for fields. Why? Amazing curriculum, OUTSTANDING almost everything, yet so much repetition. It’s like the opposite of spaced repetition: almost continuous repetition. I’m sure the latter projects are better & FCC will get even better.
Inside me, there are 2 wolves (Inside You There Are Two Wolves | Know Your Meme)
Wolf 1 says: “why does FCC make me do so much pointless busywork?”
Wolf 2 says: “FCC is literally, by far, the world’s best website for learning to code right now. You should be grateful! Finish its curriculum & make your own, better version”

Hello @SergeSolkatten !

I totally agree with you that freeCodeCamp is an amazing nonProfit striving to include everybody, in any place, with the programming opportunities that would not otherwise be available for many people. Their vision and work are truly admirable and worthy of recognition and support.

I believe any repetition is good to helps learners get a better understanding of how to use the various code. It, to me, is like when we learn to swim, we do not do it once and call it done. We practice it over and over so we strengthen our skills. I think this way when I am learning and practicing my lessons on freeCodeCamp.

This is just my personal opinion as somebody who never knew the first thing about coding before joining freeCodeCamp.

Keep up your great progress!

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