Question about Software Development/Web Development

I would love to get into the field of software/web development. I am going to learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to get started, expanding as I go along. I really want to go the self-taught route without having to get a CS degree. However, I have a concern. I live in Wyoming, the smallest state population-wise, and there are a decent number of jobs with a wide range of requirements as of right now. First, it seems that every employer wants to see a Bachelors Degree in CS or related field in the job description. You can google software developer jobs in Wyoming to see what I mean. Do I really need something like that to successfully get a job that demands such a degree? Also, I feel a little overwhelmed by all of the other requirements that they are asking for such as different frameworks and other tools. There seems to be a lot and precisely what they want varies considerably from employer to employer. Does anyone think that Wyoming is just too small for a good startup job, or are the requirements the same way in larger cities? I am referring to junior positions, and like I said it seems like there is a lot that I need to know even when I start out. To make matters worse, requirements vary greatly so I could learn a great deal of things, but I would only qualify for one job in my area, and I am sure competition is tight. Where am I wrong with this, if at all, and what would you all suggest? Any help greatly appreciated. :grinning:

Education requirements: Companies vary in terms of what they will accept when they say “X degree or equivalent experience”. My company has to be pretty strict about it for legal reasons. If you don’t have a BS, then you need to have 4 years of professional experience as a developer. At the least, you need to be able to demonstrate that you understand at least as much as a new college graduate would. I don’t know if you have a degree in another field, but if so, many companies will accept a STEM degree + coding experience as a substitute for a degree in CS. It doesn’t ever hurt to ask though. Reach out to the point of contact.

Language/framework/tech stack requirements: These tend to be much more loose and aspirational. Sometimes they will be very specific (“must have 5+ years JavaScript experience”), but the rest of the time if you can demonstrate that you have transferrable skills that would let you come up to speed quickly, that’s fine. If you learned Angular, you can learn React quickly. If you learned Git, you can learn SVN quickly, etc.

Wyoming: Being rural does mean that there are fewer jobs and that there will probably be more competition for those jobs. If relocating isn’t an option, then your job search may be longer and more strenuous.


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