Question about starting data visualization

I have done quite a bit of javascript. So I am starting the react project ‘building a markdown previewer’.

But I really don’t know where to start on it. There seems to be no easy transition to it. It is not seamless. Am I missing something or not getting something?

I felt the exact same way at first, so I started with the code academy tutorials (reacj js 1 &2 ) , later, after a couple of the projects I realized that there is actually a universe of information on the web wrt react when you know what to look for, so it just takes stepping into it and it will open up for you … good luck

At that point, I needed to take a break from FCC to learn React. I went to YouTube and found some videos of people building React simple apps and built along with them. After a week of that, I had enough to get started on the React projects.