Question about the Information Security Cert

Within the Information Security Certification there are 3 sections:

  • Information Security with HelmetJS. This section is purely JavaScript based.
  • Python for Penetration Testing. 100% Python.
  • Information Security Projects. 2 Python projects and 3 JavaScript projects.

I’ve had a look on to some of the JS projects and they look fairly advanced (to me). So my question is, would I would need to go through the entire FCC JS track if I ever want to complete this certification?
Or, is there any track that can put me up to speed to complete those projects?

The reason why I ask this is because, being amids Python certifications (data analysis, machine learning…), it made no sense to me to find those intertwined at first glance (although it makes some sense now).

Can anyone help me understand this?

The Quality Assurance and Information Security certificate was split in two a couple of months ago… the JS part of information security is lifted directly from what used to be the sixth JS certificate…

The answer is probably yes, you need to know JavaScript and Node.js at least.

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Hello there,

This would be recommended. However, if you have experience with JavaScript, then you could get away with starting from the APIs and Microservices section, as this will give you all the library information needed to complete the projects within Information Security.

@mike.tandy.1 Is correct - the current layout is new (as of June/July 2020). Most campers who are only interested in the Python content would not likely be involved with the InfoSec section, but the content is still related.

Just to add: In your settings page, you can view the legacy certifications, towards the bottom, and still claim them:

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Wow! Thanks very much both @Sky020 and @mike.tandy.1 for your answers. I now have a much more clear picture of what to do. I’ll retake InfoSec after finishing the ML track.

I just finished the anonymous message board project and it took me three days :rofl:

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