Question about the javascript lesson

hello, I wanted to ask a quick question. in the "escape sequences in strings " lesson. it says that we learned in our previous challenges some codes. however I don’t recall ever seeing them. Am i crazy or did we not learn them ?

HI @OhGeeSan !

It is always best to include the lesson you are working on in your post so people can see what you are talking about

Escaping strings lesson

Are you referring to this line?
“We learned this in the previous challenge.”

If so, you learned about the use of the backslash in quotes

Remember this example from the previous lesson?

goodStr = 'Jake asks Finn, "Hey, let\'s go on an adventure?"'; 
badStr = 'Finn responds, "Let's go!"';

The lesson you are on is just a continuation of that.

Hope that makes sense.

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