Question about the test implementation

Hi everyone, Im wondering about how the tests will be used to judge a project once the new curriculum goes live.

My question is: Will the projects be considered failling if they do not pass all the tests?

I am asking this because Ive been completing projects using the test template to be ready for beta and also maybe help out with some bug reporting, but I noticed that there are situations in which the tests fail the app even though the functionality is there; not necessarily because the test or the app is wrong; but simply because it is looking to test something that was implemented differently.
Some of these things can be fixed easily, but others may be more problematic.

I dont know if this has been discussed already (couldnt find any similar topics). Thanks a lot!

Not sure if the tests will be built into the fCC site in such a way that you can’t complete a challenge without all the test passing. I think you will still be able to complete the projects without the tests, but they would officially (if you want to do non-profit work) be considered failing.

In my opinion, building things is way more important than passing some arbitrary tests. So, if you feel like the tests help you structure your project, use them. But if you feel restricted by them, I would ignore them for now.

I hope that all of them get fixed, or else removed. The new curriculum is still in beta without a real deadline (as far as I know), so I think most of the bugs/annoyances will be fixed/removed before it is released.