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No special place really. You could just make a new thread and select one of the categories.

I don’t know why they locked all the Guide’s. I liked posting my solutions there when I finished one to compare and get feedback. I do the same thing in the Project Feedback category for the projects I complete.

Maybe they should have a category for Challenge Feedback, or reopen the Guides.

We do not allow campers to post their solutions just for the sake of posting their solutions. If you have a specific question about code you have written for a challenge, then you can always post the code and ask your question. If you want to post your solutions somewhere, I recommend github.

Hrmmm, delete this plz!..

It just gets chaotic on the forum when everyone starts posting their solutions. Plus, the guides have 95% of the possible solutions already. Many people do not want to see a full solution until they have successfully passed a challenge with their own code. When campers search for help on the forum, we would rather them get hints of what to do and not just see a solution as the first post in a topic.

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Try mailing the admin. He will guide you out as to where and if you can post it.

  1. If you see an error in a Guide thread or a different approach that you think is important to include, then you can send proposed changes/additions to a forum moderator and we can update the Guide thread.
  2. If you have a solution, but want more help understanding, you can create a topic that includes your solution (in spoiler tags please) and asks questions. If you look around the forum you’ll see many cases of “Here’s my solution that works, but why didn’t it work when I tried doing ______?” or “I got this from trial and error but I don’t really understand this part.” etc.
  3. If you want to use your expertise to create additional teaching material based on challenges, then it should be more than just sharing a solution. You could create videos, articles, whatever, which explain a complex solution in detail, walk through the problem solving process, compare different solution approaches, whatever you think adds value. You would be welcome to share links to those resources here. You can choose to make your solutions in public in your profile, so you can even just create well-commented and easy to read solutions and give campers who are looking for solutions the link to your profile.

As for "mailing the admin," @randelldawson and I are both forum moderators.
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Alright that makes sense. Thanks for the reply.