Question about to learning

Hi coders,
How much time do you spend to learn coding?
Because I would like to know how much time you spend and if you use methods to fix the concepts you have learned.
(I still struggle to fix them)

This is what I do
I have college from 9-5 so most of the time i had to spend my time attending boring class, afternoon I get mostly 2-3 hours time for coding and to learn new thing , Each day I build some thing new , In my case I love to learn building small thing own my own.
if you building small thing teach you so many new thing .
Find the way how you like to learn. it helps a lot
Happy Coding .

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I’m at work 9-5pm so I do my coding in the evenings and at weekends. I try to fit in a couple of hours a day, probably 4hrs or so per day Saturday/Sunday. Any more than that and I just can’t retain the information. I find that short bursts are better for learning.

For quick bursts and testing, get yourself the quokka plugin on vscode. It immediately evaluates the JS your typing. It’s been an amazing tool for quickly testing all sorts of things i.e. the difference between slice/splice, how map/filter/reduce works etc. It’s kind of the equivalent of iPython, or Laravels’ tinker.

You wouldn’t believe how much time this saves when not having to code JS on an HTML page, refresh it when you make changes, check the chrome console…