Question about youtube translate

Hi all

I started to translate the subtitles in video about programmation and computer science course from english to french

But, I’m not able to figure if I should send the contribution by pieces or when I completely finish it…

I had a look into contributing help but maybe I missed the point about my question :slight_smile: so I’ll be glad if someone could illuminate me


You can do either way
But, if it’s by pieces they will 1st check onto the work you have done. So it might take longer also, for some reason the english text will be missing.
I would recomend all at once.

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Thannnks for tips :hugs:

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No, no, thank you for the contribution. I am doing the Dutch version myself and jeez it’s so much work. So i’m glad you are helping out :3

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Wooow in dutch, I try to learn it…for 20 years now and I’m still such a failure haha…so much that I speak english with my dutch speaking friends shame shame shame

Do you do the translate “literally” or do you arrange it to stick to the rythm and so ?

Thnks for your work so I could learn with subtitles :smiley:

I apply the translation to the Dutch grammar rules.
If i where to translate it literlly the texts would be weird in Dutch since the English languagse has a set of different rules.
I use Google translate and a Dutch spellchecker as well since I want every thing to be very precies.

Okay thks for the advice
it’s a little bit the same with french, google translate is (really) not (yet) so good

Have a good work so :kissing_smiling_eyes: