Question about YouTube

It’s no secret that YouTube is the go-to for free tutorials EVERYONE I know uses YouTube. You probably do too!

I have a question for you. If there was another site like YouTube, what features would it have to have in order for you to leave YouTube and go to it ? No ads, just learning videos, etc… ? What would win you over ?

It should have a very specific focus and quality content. It would never replace YouTube, though. And ads aren’t really an issue. You can either live with them or you install an adblocker.

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Quality assurance would be my only wish.

Deprecated / outdated stuff should be canned. 4 minute monologues about why it’s been so long since the last video should be insta-banned. That kind of stuff.

The platform is fine; it’s just quality content I like. In fact the fewer features the platform has, the better! I just want to watch a video full screen, and have it be easy to fast-forward / rewind.

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Yeah, YouTube is great! It would take a lot to keep me away. Ever since they added easy rewind/pause with keyboard I’ve been very happy. With learning videos you need to be able to easily go back in small increments without having to scroll. I would go to your site if you promised to remove all trolls from your comments section. It must be said that the comments section on programming related content are more positive then the average. And ads don’t bother me. Anyone who complains about ads has no appreciation for what they’re getting value-wise.