Question: Building a Ferris Wheel

We are asked to “offset the origin point by 0% from the left and 0% from the top.”

I’m simply wondering why left and right seem backwards? I’ve noted this several times in other projects like when we need to work on the “cats whiskers.” Left and right seem backwards.

Are we supposed to think that the monitor is looking at us as if it were an object (say a person) who has a 'left / right that is opposite of the user looking at that “person?”

I hope this post make sense. I don’t want to write something that has LEFT you in the dark, RIGHT?

i haven’t noticed that left and right are backwards. hmm.
Left means from my left hand side (of my monitor). Isn’t that what is happening when you set a value?

That looks like we are looking at the “right” side of the wheel.

which step is the one where the values are set? (I haven’t done this project so I’m having a hard time relating)

I think it was step 7 and step 8 shows the result before doing the step 8 details.

i just tried step 7. You can clearly see that setting the left property pushes the line to the right. (that is, it increases the space on the left)
Try incremental values to see it.

Hmm, increases the space. I’ll have to rethink that and agree that is what is correct, since it is works.
Thanks for your time.

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