Question for a moderator please

So when i click the signout a prompt comes up and says I will loose all work if i sign out of freecodecamp. So we have to start completely over if we sign out?? This is messed up if i have to buy another computer because i cant sign out of freecodecamp.

assistance from a Moderator only please.

No, signing out of freeCodeCamp does not erase all of your progress.

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The prompt says i will tho, thats what worries me. I give it a go tho. Have a super day Jeremy.

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What prompt are you talking about?

This one?

Warning: If you continue, your progress will no longer be saved.

That doesn’t say that your old progress will be erased. That says that any new progress won’t be saved.

You definitely never have to purchase a new computer based upon what a website says!

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Thank you for being patient. Have a super day Jeremy.

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this is an irreversible process, are you sure want to delete your account? Please explicitly answer you want to delete your account to proceed

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