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Hello over there!
I have a question
I reseted my laptop and i made a new account for
My old accout was registrated on the [redacted] e-mail adress under fccgranpa name. I still can access my old e-mail adress. Is that possible that import my progress from there to here?
I dont want to copy the same html/css codes for a project since I’m affraid that would be the violation of the terms of services.
Best regards

You can change the email address an account is associated to in the settings

You can try asking at

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I have removed the email address from your post. This forum is public and I don’t want your account spammed or hacked because it was listed here.

thank you
im about to abandone that email as soon this question settled

i changed the email in the settings, but that doesnt allowed me to reclaim the finished html/css course ‘proof’
would that be a violation of the terms of services if i delete my account, re-registrate and just copy the same code for the tasks?
ofc i could write to support, but its less work for everyone, more simple

What do you mean by ‘reclaim’? If the certifications are on your old account and you change the email address on the account, the certifications will still be there.

i changed the email adress
accepted again the policy
i went to settings and tried to claim it
the answer is:
‘It looks like you have not completed the necessary steps. Please complete the required projects to claim the Responsive Web Design Certification.’
would it be the violation of terms of policy if i would copy my code and insert into the given tasks?

It sounds like you created a new account. You you can use the links to the same projects that you used before.

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