Question making a Nav element active

Hey i am trying to make the click activate my nav bar. does anybody know if there is a way to activate only one item and not all three at the time you click?
Also the smaller view is giving me some trouble with the location of the nav items. any help is greatly appreciated

@Jislas you already have classes defined for each anchor, so you can add the pseudo-class to each anchor in the case you want them to behave differently, but if you want them behave the same but only one at time you might want to create a new class, for instance active and add the pseudo-class.
For the smaller view, my recommendation is to use media queries so you can layout your menu accordingly.

Thanks i have tried that, i still see some movement in the other links.
i think it has to do with me trying to do everything as responsive as possible. maybe when the margin moves it moves the other items margins.
Yeah i think ill do the media queries instead of trying to make everything responsive.


For anyone that wants to know, the solution was to put position relative on the active and then just top and left. That way when you click the justify-items: center wont activate and move the other boxes too.