Question on Atom/Text editors

Hello all. Recently, for an unknown reason, the atom-live-server package that I use to make personal projects, has vanished from my packages drop down menu in atom. I could not figure out how to fix this issue, so I decided to move over to dreamweaver. The problem is, my code has a lot of ES6 functionalities, and Dreamweaver is being pissy. Suggestions?

I’m confused…why not just reinstall the package in atom instead of switching editors?


I have done both of those things 3-4 times each

Weird. I use atom and have live server and it hasn’t disappeared. I just went to the repo and saw an issue open with what you are experiencing:

As for another editor have you considered sublime text? I haven’t used dreamweaver since the 90s so unfortunately I can’t give you any help there.

Sounds a little bit extreme to switch editors because I package stopped working.
As a workaround, you could install live-server with npm (e.g. npm install -g live-server), open the project’s directory in your console / a command line tool, type live-server and you’d be up and running.

You can switch to Visual Studio Code. It’s a really powerful editor and has awesome Javascript/Typescript support and Intellisense - Visual Studio Code

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There’s also Brackets, with a built-in server for previewing sites.

I don’t understand, why not try other live reload options? I’m sure even atom has more than just one. Surely npm has more options as well, if all you need is for the browser to refresh upon save.

Or this is a good opportunity to learn Webpack and use webpack dev server