Question on div positioning and responsive design


I have been using website builder ‘cargo’ but it’s too limiting for my purpose so I would like to code the site myself. There are two things I want to keep about the cargo design that I don’t know how to do:

  1. To have divs resize proportionally like in this screen recording: - can this responsive design be done using CSS only?
  2. The ability to drag divs freely to set their position in the design (I am creating a ‘randomly’ laid out image gallery) Is there a coding program/tool/website that let’s you do drag and drop and also lets you write the code? Not squarespace, wix etc. - Rather than writing out each position manually.

Thank you for any tips.

Hi, none of the behaviors you intend to implement in your website is trivial.
If you want to implement these by yourself, you need first to have knowledge of html, css and more importantly JavaScript and DOM manipulation. Libraries or Frameworks like React, Angular, Vue are created to improve productivity, reliability and common ground among developers. Without understanding of the markup and programming languages involved it’s impossible to pick up one and start using it.

Are there not starting templates that comes with both those features?

They are using Handlebars and Backbone. Did you look at the developer pages?

Thanks for the reply. I do have a little bit of know how on html and css and have used javascript a while back. So was hoping with a little learning and refresghing I could manage it. I’ll look at the things you referenced

yes cargo works great for this but I am doing other things like rollover video and it’s a nightmare getting my code into theirs