Question on old FCC Projcet

Hello all.

I was thinking back to my older FCC days (only a few months ago), and I remembered this really cool search bar on the wikipedia project and I remembered being fascinated by it when I saw it, but had no idea how to do it. I really want to implement this into a personal project I am working on because I think it will give it a cleaner look. Should I go about trying to replicate this myself-and if so where do I start-or do I find this online and copy it from somewhere (where would that be)?

by cool, do you mean the animation bit?

I think if you’re keen on learning how to make interfaces dynamic, it’s best to learn how to do these little animations. If you’ve gone through jQuery and CSS, you’ve already got a lot of tools necessary to do something like that.

Ask yourself these 4 question.

Do you know how to use an event listener in JavaScript?

Do you know how to change the style of an element through JavsaScript

Do you know what pseudo classes are in CSS?

Have you heard of CSS transitions?

If the answers to any of these is no, you can start there

Truth is there are many ways people can do different kinds of animations on web element, there isn’t a set answer of how to do it. You gotta apply some creativity with your knowledge to get it done