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Tell me please why we have tu put the quotes with letters in case “a”, but not with numbers case 1

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function caseInSwitch(val) {
let answer = "";
// Only change code below this line
switch (lowercaseLetter) {
  case "a":
  case "b":

// Only change code above this line
return answer;

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Challenge: Selecting from Many Options with Switch Statements

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Your function is not closed properly. When I close it, it’s giving me this error:
ReferenceError: lowercaseLetter is not defined

Can you elaborate your question? Maybe provide some examples?

Not sure if I understand the question but 1 is a number and "1" is a string.

A switch uses strict equality checking so if you are switching on a number your case has to be a number (or you have to convert the type).

The code you have posted looks to be the example code and not the code needed to pass the tests.

Also "a" is a string but a is a variable, so you need the quotes if you want to compare to a string

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