Question, react vs partials

I’m working on an application that will post comments stored in a database, for each document in the collection should I build this application with jsx or should I just render each document with a partial?

I guess I’m not sure what the benefits or cons would be of one over the other. I feel like just re rendering a new partial every time a comment is made would be a lot easier

I should also add this is a multipage website

It’ll be easier to render it server side I assume (I have no idea what language you’re using). It depends entirely on what you want though. If you are building an application rather than just a website, and you want it to work more like what people expect an application to work like – fast, smooth, no reloads between screens – then you don’t get that via traditional “render one discrete webpage built on the server per screen”. Like, a website is an application, but, it’s generally expected that the a new page loads when you change the url.

(& by JSX I assume you mean use React on the front end)

I’m using node.js and mongodb. This will be a website deployed on a vps.

Where it’s deployed doesn’t make a difference. Moving the way the HTML is constructed to the front-end is more complex in many ways, but there are good reasons for doing it. If you have data that updates a lot, it’s better, as the UI is a function of the data (it will automatically rerender, you don’t need to refresh anything, whereas you would do with server rendered static pages, or you would need to write JS to do so).