Question Regarding Course Development


I just wanted to ask if there are any beta developments for the courses beyond Javascript. I am really enjoying the style of instruction in the new beta javascript course with its project based step by step process. I feel like I get lots of practice typing out code and I’ve been going back after finishing the projects to explain what each line is doing and I find that is very helpful. Will this format be coming to any of the other courses?

I’ve been inspired at this point to try and make two web based projects given what I know so far:

A “Simon-says” game with light-up boxes that require you to match a the sequence by clicking the boxes. The sequences get longer with every success.

A “Box-Breathing” web app that allows the user to set meditation chime sounds (a selection of different options) to desired intervals OR to a programmed sequence of increasingly longer intervals.

I feel like these two projects should be doable given what I’ve been taught so far, but does anyone think they may require more knowledge?

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I think when applicable, the project-based approach is the desired format. But I don’t know what the plans are for the rest of the curriculum. I would expect something like the React part, if/when updated, to take the same approach.

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