Question regarding Drupal CMS

Hi, I recently got a task as part of an interview process and they want me to create a Drupal site. I have never used any CMS before and before doing anything there’s something I would like to know. My question is, can I build the site in my own development environment and then just paste the final code in Drupal?

Also 2 points that are not very clear and hopefully I can get some help.

If you are also able to host the solution simply then please do. We recommend using AWS free tier.

I don’t think I can host a drupal theme using GitHub?

Submit to us a link to the uploaded Drupal site (with admin credentials included) and also the theme files hosted in as Git repository.

When they say to send them a link, do they mean the link to the hosted site?, or does Drupal provide you with some sort of link when you create a theme? Also, will it be okay to assume that I can upload the repo of the project on GitHub?

I could ask these questions to them, but it takes up to 5 days to hear back from them and I don’t want to waste time.

You can build the site in a local development environment first, but you will need to run a local Apache server to run it, it seems like XAMPP would be the fastest option to get up and running with a local Drupal dev environment.

Moving the site to a host will not be as simple as copying and pasting the files though, there are tutorials on how to do that if you Google “Drupal site migration”.

I would interpret them asking for the link and admin credentials as wanting the link to the hosted site as well as a username/pw for the back end of the site. You should also include a link to the repo so they can view the code.